Why Foot Care Is Necessary for Diabetes Patients

Common patients of an ankle or foot specialist in Conroe, TX, are people with diabetes. This is because there are many complications of diabetes that can cause serious ankle or foot injuries and even lead to the loss of one or more toes or the entire foot. Proper at-home foot care as well as professional care from a foot doctor in Conroe, TX, can help avoid some of the major complications to the feet that diabetes may cause. Here’s what you need to know about diabetic foot care.

Why Feet Are Susceptible

People with diabetes are more likely to sustain nerve damage and have poor circulation in the extremities. This means that not only is it more difficult to feel a wound on the foot, which delays proper treatment, the wound is also more susceptible to infection because the body has a harder time fighting off bacteria without proper circulation. Even small blisters or cuts can become very serious very quickly. So, here are some ways to check the feet and care for the feet to prevent major issues:

Daily Inspection

During a daily inspection, you’re looking at every surface of your foot as well as between the toes. Call the foot doctor if you find any injuries at all like sores, blisters, or cuts. Even if you notice slight bruising or redness, you should call the doctor.

Washing and Drying

The feet should be washed with soap and warm water and dried thoroughly every day. Don’t overlook drying, because infection is more likely to develop where there’s moisture.


Feet that are too dry can develop cracks and sores so it’s important to keep the moisture of your feet balanced. Use lotion on rough, dry skin, but avoid lotion between the toes.

Toenail Care

If you’re able to trim your toenails yourself, be sure to cut straight across and to avoid cutting the toenails too short.

Additional Foot Care

You can avoid other foot injuries by protecting your feet from the heat and cold and by wearing proper footwear. Shoes should have plenty of room in the toebox and be made of a breathable material like suede, canvas, or leather. High heels and shoes that expose the toes should be avoided.

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