What You Should Know About Foot Reflexology

Does your body just ache all the time? Is it time to try a new treatment? Foot reflexology could be your solution.

Reflexology is an alternative massage method that adds pressure to specific points on your hands, feet, and ears. Research suggests that those parts of the body have connections with certain organs and systems in your body.

Foot reflexology has benefits for specific issues we all face. So what could foot reflexology do for you? Here are three things that it could help you with.

Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Stress and anxiety can be debilitating. You can feel nauseous, exhausted, achy, and fidgety. Not to mention the increased heart rate and sweaty palms. It affects us all in different ways.

But there are certain points in your feet that when massaged and have pressure placed on them can help to reduce the anxiety and stress that you may be experiencing.

Reflexology can help by adding pressure to points such as the middle of the big toe, which is connected to the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is classed as the master gland and has connections to the brain, which is responsible for the release of hormones in your body.

Also placing pressure on the spinal reflexes, by massaging down from the big toe to the heel, can help. Additionally, by pressing just under the knuckle of the big toe, you can activate the adrenal reflex. This specific reflex is connected to the kidneys which also has a lot to do with releasing hormones. Focusing on these areas can help your body to feel alleviated of anxiety and stress.

Lift Mood

There is a lot of research that suggests that foot reflexology can also help when it comes to lifting mood. Again focusing on some of the areas mentioned above has much to do with the release of hormones into your body, which can alleviate depression and anxiety and lift mood.

To help relieve the symptoms of low mood and even depression, a reflexology session may need to be focused on some of the stimulating points that correspond to the glands that regulate the neurotransmitter and hormone release in the body, such as the thyroid and pineal gland.

Reduce Pain

Pain is often something that we struggle with, and foot reflexology can help to alleviate some of the pain we experience. Headaches, for example, can be treated with foot reflexology. Putting pressure on the middle of the big toe, which has connections to the pituitary gland, can help to alleviate pain in the head.

Experts have also suggested that foot reflexology can help with the menstrual pain that women experience and that long term reflexology treatment can help to reduce PMS symptoms.

Hopefully this has given you a greater insight into foot reflexology and how it can benefit you when it comes to anxiety, low mood, and any pain you may be struggling with. If you’re suffering from foot or ankle pain, contact an expert foot and ankle specialist from Ankle & Foot Specialists of Conroe, The Woodlands today for help.