The Importance of Diabetic Foot and Ankle Care

Diabetic foot care is essential because of the many complications that can arise if the feet and ankles aren’t cared for properly. Part of the reason foot care is so important is because healing is slowed due to reduced circulation to the feet. Fortunately, if you’re vigilant about the health of your feet, you can avoid many of the foot problems associated with Diabetes.

Possible Complications

Peripheral neuropathy means that the nerves in the feet or hands are damaged. This condition is more common in diabetics. This neuropathy makes it more difficult for injuries like cuts, ulcers, and even joint or bone damage to be detected. Even a small blister or hang nail could become serious because healing is slow.

Preventive Measures

One way to prevent major foot problems is to keep the feet dry, moisturized, and clean. The feet need to be washed every day, moisturized, and covered with clean, dry socks. In addition, you can avoid ingrown toenails by keeping the toenails trimmed in a straight line. And of course, it’s always important to keep blood sugar stable.

Additional Care

It’s also a good idea to have a foot and ankle surgeon in North Houston, TX, periodically check your feet for any missed discoloration or injuries. This will ensure you receive the proper training and education to keep your feet healthy. They can also help you find the right Diabetic shoes to better cushion the feet and provide more support without increasing pressure and friction. Be sure to call an ankle and foot center in North Houston, TX, if you notice anything out of the ordinary that doesn’t clear up in a couple of days.

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