Proper Nutrition for Healthy Feet

It’s no easy feat to take care of your feet! When people talk about changing their diet, they are usually thinking about how they’ll look in certain clothes or heart health. However, your diet also affects the health of your feet. At the Ankle & Foot Specialists of Conroe, The Woodlands, TX, we know that simple changes in diet and exercise make a huge difference in quality of life and foot health.

Weight Loss

Losing weight is huge for your foot health. After all, your feet are required to shoulder the load of your weight and the additional force generated when walking, running, jumping, and most other forms of auto-locomotion. When your feet hurt, so do your legs and your back. Changing to a lower calorie diet rich in fruits and vegetables can greatly improve your ability to take off weight.

No Bones About It

Making sure that you’re getting enough bio-usable calcium and vitamin D will keep your bones strong. There are a lot of bones in the foot. Finding a doctor that provides advanced foot and ankle care in The Woodlands, TX, can give you another resource to learn more about foot health and your diet. Conditions like diabetes and poor circulation are serious matters that you should see a doctor about. If you experience numbness in your feet, be sure to consult a professional.

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