Learning about Holistic Treatments for Foot Pain

Foot and ankle pain is incredibly common, especially among those who engage in regular athletic activity. Considering the amount of shock absorption and load-bearing that your feet and ankles must do on a daily basis, it’s little wonder that they might cause you pain sometimes. But if you deal with regular foot pain that inhibits your movements, it’s important to find some relief. Of course, not everyone wants to manage their pain with over-the-counter drugs. If you’re one of these people, try these holistic pain relief options, recommended by our orthopedic foot and ankle doctors in North Houston, TX.

Hot and Cold Soaks

Soaking your feet is a great way to relax and ease some of your foot pain. But if you need a little extra relief, try filling one basin with ice water and another with water that is as hot as you can comfortably tolerate. Sit and place your feet in the cold water for 5 minutes, then move them to the hot water. Do this several times.

Alternating between the different temperatures of water alternately constricts and dilates the blood vessels in your feet. This boosts circulation and helps ease foot pain as a result.

Use Essential Oils

Here’s another option for soaking away your foot pain: Add 2 drops of peppermint oil, 4 drops of eucalyptus oil, and 4 drops of rosemary oil to a bowl of hot water. Soak your feet in the water for 10 minutes to give them a little bit of pampering that will relieve your sore, tired feet.

Rub Your Feet

It’s no secret that massage relieves pain, especially in the feet. Of course, you probably can’t afford to get a pedicure every day, so you’ll likely have to do this yourself. But if you’re not very flexible or simply don’t like rubbing your own feet, you can also try rolling your bare feet over a golf ball, tennis ball, or even a rolling pin for several minutes to soothe your tired feet and promote circulation. You can also purchase rollers specially designed to massage your feet as you roll them back and forth over the roller.

Stretch Your Achilles

If you have pain in your heel area, it’s important to stretch out your Achilles tendon. Stand roughly 3 feet away from a wall and place your hands on it. Move your right leg forward with the knee bent while keeping your left leg straight and heel on the floor. This should provide a gentle stretch through your Achilles tendon, heel, and foot arch. Hold for about 10 seconds (or longer if you prefer), then repeat on the other side.

Work Out Those Toes

Is your foot pain caused by toes that have been pinched in tight shoes for too long? Try giving those toes a little workout to help get rid of the cramping. One good way to do this is to scatter a few pencils on the ground and use your toes to pick them up. This little exercise can go a long way towards relieving foot aches.

These simple, drug-free remedies can provide a great deal of relief for persistent foot pain. However, if your foot pain is genuinely debilitating or if you think you have an underlying issue like plantar fasciitis, contact a foot and ankle surgeon in North Houston, TXThe doctors here at the Ankle & Foot Specialists of Conroe, The Woodlands, are ready to help determine the cause of your foot pain and find you relief as soon as possible. Schedule an appointment today!