How Wearing High Heels Affects Your Knees

High heels are getting higher, narrower, and more stylish and exotic. Stilettos are gaining acceptance even in the workplace, and growing numbers of women are spending money on the latest and most provocative styles that come out.

But there is a price to pay for the admiring looks. Years of wearing high heels have been known to cause unnatural bending of the toes, lower back problems, and other physical complications. According to one study, extended wearing of high heels could lead to premature aging of the knee joints.

This is not to say you should take off your 4-inch leather pumps and toss them into the back of the closet forever. You may have concerns about the long-term effects on your knees from wearing high heels. A visit to a specialist in foot and ankle surgery in The Woodlands, TX, may provide you some answers.

Risk to Knees

A team of Stanford University researchers studied the effects of high heel wear and increased weight on the knees while in the process of walking. The Stanford researchers determined that the higher the heel, the more likely the knee would bend in stride.

The researchers found that walking in heels puts a lot of strain on the knee joint, and that women who are overweight are particularly susceptible to this. They also determined that high heel use, paired with additional weight, may increase the risk of osteoarthritis progression in women.


If high heels are your fashion thing, you should be aware that long-term complications and premature aging of the knees can develop from constant wear over a long period of time. Your heels should be of modest height, comfortable and not so restrictive in the toes.

If you have questions about what high heels can do to your knees and your health, it is time to speak with an ankle and foot specialist. You may be able to avoid foot and ankle surgery in The Woodlands, TX, if you wear the high heels in moderation.

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