How to Tell When Your Foot Pain Is Too Much

Even slight foot and ankle pain can at times be disabling since it may prevent you from performing even basic tasks, like moving around your home. While an occasional ache or pain may not be cause for alarm, regular and consistent foot pain should raise red flags. If you experience regular foot pain or have particular triggers that cause foot pain, it may be time to meet with a local foot and ankle specialist. To decide if your pain merits a visit with a specialist, consider these factors.


First, ask yourself, “On a scale from 1 to 10, how severe is my pain?” If the answer is above a 5, you should schedule an appointment with a specialist. If you ranked your pain at this level of moderate to severe pain, you may be experiencing anything from a common, treatable foot ailment to a more debilitating and severe foot problem. High levels of pain, especially if they are regular, may be signs of foot problems that require surgery and that require expert advice for treatment. Luckily, even foot problems that cause severe pain often have simple solutions, and a specialist can help you to quickly resolve the problem. If you rank your pain below a 5, then you may still want to meet with a foot specialist. However, if you’re unsure, consider whether your pain is aggravated by one of the factors below.


Regardless of whether you have slight, moderate, or severe pain, if your pain is consistent, then you should likely visit with a foot specialist. Regular pain may be an indicator of a more serious problem, either with your foot, your posture, or your footwear. While it’s easy to become accustomed to regular pain, suffering through consistent pain is unnecessary. Chronic foot pain can often be resolved through simple solutions, such as receiving custom sole inserts or receiving bunion treatments. If you experience daily or weekly foot pain, it’s likely time to visit with a specialist.

Loss of Activity

As you evaluate the severity and consistency of your pain, you should also consider whether or not your pain has prevented you from performing any everyday tasks. Those who suffer from foot pain often do not realize which activities they’ve discontinued due to their pain. Take a look back at the history of your foot pain and determine whether it has prevented you from performing necessary or desirable daily tasks. If you have been unable to exercise, climb stairs, or comfortably move around your home due to pain, then you should contact a foot specialist.

Foot pain is common, and often the solutions are surprisingly easy. If you experience severe, consistent, or disabling foot pain, you should contact a foot specialist in your area who can consult you on the best ways to treat the pain. In most cases, the treatment will be simple and will quickly afford you relief. In rare cases of severe pain, a foot specialist may recommend foot and ankle surgery in order to alleviate the condition. Consider the factors listed above as you determine whether a consultation is right for you, or call a local office and talk with a specialist who can help you decide if you should stop in for a visit.

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