How to Best Care For Your Child’s Feet

As your children grow, it’s obviously very important that you’re giving them everything they need to grow up to be fit and healthy. From getting the proper nutrition into their bodies, having plenty of sleep and getting plenty of exercise, access to education, and social interaction with others. One thing that’s important and shouldn’t be overlooked is that you ensure your children’s feet are growing properly. Here are some tips for taking care of your child’s feet.

Make Sure The Feet Get Washed Well

Cleaning your body is something you should be doing every day, whether it’s taking a bath or shower. For your children, daily life can be a bit messier when it comes to their activities and daily explorations. That being said, it’s certainly important to focus attention on washing and cleaning their feet properly. As we stand on the base of our feet, this area can often get ignored when it comes to washing your body. Make sure you take some soapy warm water to the feet to clean them properly.

Be sure to dry them off afterward to prevent excess moisture and any fungal problems.

Have Them Walk Barefoot At Times

Walking around in bare feet can be helpful when it comes to growing feet because it helps the muscle to develop in the key areas. It helps make the child stronger and better rooted on their feet. Not only that, but it can build up tough skin that will be useful when it comes to their future year spent up and on their feet on a regular basis.

Try to incorporate some barefoot activity throughout the day, even if they’re in socks at times.

Trim The Nails

The toenails can be a common area of the body where fungus and bacteria can build up. You want to make sure that these toenails are being trimmed down and in a straight line. Cutting around the corners can lead to in-grown toenails, and that’s something that you certainly don’t want. You also want to cut toenails to help provide more comfort when your children have their shoes on.
Children’s feet are dainty things, to begin with, so care and attention should be taken when using sharp scissors. It’s worth getting special nail scissors instead of using anything too close to a pair of kitchen scissors.

Fit The Right Shoes

Kids grow very quickly, especially in their early years. When it comes to your child’s feet, the right shoes can be important to get, and so when you do find they’re too small, don’t hesitate. It’s essential to get new ones that are bigger, more spacious but still provide a comfortable fit. If your child has ill-fitting shoes, then this can lead to bunyons and other foot problems that could be fairly damaging to their quality of life if you’re not careful.

Taking care of your children’s feet is an important responsibility so when it comes to your own child’s feet, do everything you can to keep them clean and healthy.