Foot Care Tips for Seniors

For the elderly, feet are among the body parts that need the most care. Improper care can lead to many medical problems in the long run, especially for those with diabetic and cardiac conditions. Doing just the simplest maintenance can go a long way in avoiding more serious issues. Regular checkups with a professional in foot care will also help. That being said, a foot and ankle surgeon will recommend the following home treatments in foot care for seniors.

Trimming Toenails

While this seems like a simple treatment, most people don’t see how cutting down toenails can bring many health benefits. It does make your feet look more presentable, but trimming nails can avoid harsh cuts and ingrown toenails, a painful prospect for an elderly person. If an ingrown toenail goes unattended, it can become infected and cause severe problems, especially for diabetics. Also, regular trimming avoids fungus buildup and reduces chances of bumping your nails on an object, which can cause painful cracks.


Dry, cracked skin can lead to painful burning and itching that will not cease unless addressed. Regularly applying gentle moisturizers, like those with aloe vera or cocoa butter, will ensure skin stays moisturized and help it avoid blistering. The best foot and ankle surgeons in North Houston, TX, will provide tips on how to keep feet smooth and soft.


While applying moisturizer, you’re also applying gentle pressure on your feet that aids in circulation. For those seniors suffering from mobility issues, regular foot massages and baths help seniors remain comfortable while walking or exercising. Massage can improve blood flow, making it easier to move around. This reaps many health benefits since it’s important for seniors to stay physically active. This is more applicable to seniors with a history of heart disease, and prevents further cardiac episodes. It’s wise to see if there are any professional massaging services readily available.

Consult a foot and ankle specialist in North Houston, TX, for the best ways to ensure healthy feet.

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