Causes and Solutions for Ankle Popping or Cracking

Anyone who is on their feet all day is susceptible to foot and ankle pain. Sometimes these conditions can get quite severe and require treatment at a trusted foot and ankle surgery center in North Houston, TX.Swollen ankles andankle painmay result from popping and cracking, and this can put people off their feet. If you’re feeling the pain in your ankles, then you may need the best foot and ankle surgeons to take a closer look. Here’s what you need to know about ankle popping and cracking.

Discomfort from Joint Popping

People of all ages are subject to ankle and joint pain. Both those who exercise just a few times a week and elite athletes—and everyone in between—may experience a popping, clicking, or cracking sensation in their ankles at some point or another. This normally isn’t a huge issue unless the popping and cracking leads to pain or the ankle swells up. Joint popping is known medically as crepitus, which can be a sign of aging or overexercising. Ankles may also pop after doing an intense workout, particularly after a time of inactivity. As long as it doesn’t hurt, ankle popping can be considered normal and natural. If the situation becomes painful, then this is when medical help may be required. Foot and ankle doctors are able to treat discomfort associated with continuous ankle popping.

Common Causes of Ankle Popping

Easy access to treatment at a foot and ankle clinicis essential when ankle popping turns painful. Sometimes ankles pop from the release of gas in the joint capsule or peroneal tendonsrubbing on bony structures. Both of these causes are regular, especially with tight muscles following a period of inactivity. Ankle popping resulting fromtendon rubbing may be more noticeable after sprains and other ankle injuries. Tendon separation, dislocation, and injuries to bone cartilage, such as osteochondral lesions, may also be responsible for your ankle popping or cracking.

Strengthening Ankles

Foot and ankle specialists recommend strengthening exercises to help with ankle popping. These exercises can be used to prevent ankle popping and keep ankles healthy, so there isn’t discomfort or pain. Ankle circles are a great example; they stabilize ankle joints and work the peroneal muscles. This simple strengthening stretch can be done sitting or lying down to boost mobility and warm up ankles before a big workout. Calf raises and balance exercises can also make a difference.

Seeking Medical Attention

Once ankles swell up after popping and cracking, then you know it’s time to see a doctor. While there are at-home remedies for swollen ankles, such as compression and elevation, foot and ankle specialists can give personalized advice based on the situation and the symptoms. This ankle pain could be a sign of an undiagnosed injury or condition that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. An MRI or CT scan could reveal more about the cause of your ankle pain and help you get on the right treatment plan. Arch supports and braces can give the ankle more support, especially for those who want to continue with their regular exercise. Physical therapy is another common solution, and surgery also helps in serious cases. Alleviating ankle pain is a priority for doctors and their patients, especially to protect the muscles and bones that bear a lot of weight all the time.

If you’re experiencing persistent ankle pain, popping, and cracking, it may help to visit a trusted foot doctor in North Houston,TX. Ankle & Foot Specialists of Conroe, The Woodlands can assist with ongoing ankle pain.