Doctor Publications

Affectionate mother with child Publications

  • Reed, T, Abel N, McCarthy D. The Implications of an OS Interphalangeal Sesamoid. (published) William J. Stickel Award 1983

  • Reed T, McCarthy D, Abel N. Ultrastructural Implications of Peripheral Vascular Disease. (published) O'Neil, Jones, Feldman Award 1983

  • Reed T, McCarthy D. Implications of a Rare Cutaneous Infection with Aspergillus Nigra. (published)

  • Reed T. Sarcoidosis: A Rare Case. (published)

  • Reed T. Modified Elmslie Lateral Ankle Stabilization Procedure. (published) March 1996

  • Allofix Freeze-Dried Cortical Bone Pins as an Alternative to Synthetic Absorbable Polymeric Pins: A Preliminary Study in Short Z-Bunionectomies. (published)

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