5 Major Causes of Foot Ulcers

Foot ulcers Many people who have diabetes also experience foot problems related to the disease. A lack of circulation and attention can lead to amputation or worse. Here are the top 5 contributors to non-healing foot ulcers in those who experience diabetes.

High Blood Sugar

Almost everything can be traced back to high blood sugar levels. Because of what it does to the arteries and circulation, high blood sugar levels reduce the body's ability to heal.

Poor Circulation

Circulation is important to the healing process. People who have diabetes may see reduced circulation, especially in the legs and feet.

Damaged Nerves

High blood sugar levels can lead to nerve damage. When a person can't feel pain, small cuts may go unnoticed and get infected.

Slowed Immune System

With slowed circulation, the body is unable to remove damaged tissues and build new tissues. Ulcers remain unhealed.

Increased Susceptibility to Infection

Lowered immune function means less ability to fight infection. Foot Ulcers may result from the infection.

Any of these issues could lead to drastic External link opens in new tab or windowfoot and ankle surgery in The Woodlands, TX, If you have diabetes, inspect your feet daily and look for infections. If you see something's not right, get to a specialist immediately. Washing your feet daily and managing your diabetes can also help you prevent foot ulcers.